Everybody wants to play The Theory of The Everything !

Today, after some weeks of absolute inactivity in TTtE’s spanish facebook page; I entered and sicovered 82 fans that came from nowhere. That’s it, I cant imagine how they appeared there. I assume TTtE’s gonna have a lot more audience than I ever imagined… at least I expect so; there is a giant chance of me being wrong.

Now, straight to the game-developing report: TTtE’s level creation program is 40% finished, but still isn’t able to make a simple level, so just wait. And yes, it’s taking a lot longer than I expected; especially now that I stopped the development (I’m not gonna leave that game unfinished, don’t even mind about the possibility of me doing that) because of ADVA’s CODEAR. I simply loved the rules, so I decided to go on. I’ll be entering some retro and simplistic platformer that I’m sure you are gonna love.

And there is more: I’ve been thinking about an online game based on teamplay of wich i’m being so enthusiastic, the problem is that I still don’t have the knowledge to even start it. Expect news on that in… months :S .

Oh, and if you want to join the TToE’s facebook fan page, then click here

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