what a year

Well, it`s been a long time I don`t post anything… But it didn`t happen much in the last months of my virtual life, mostly because I`ve been really busy in my new school, wich is much harder than the one I used to go. And, in my efforts of keeping the same grades, I have had to spend much less time in front of the computer, making games.
   But summer time is coming to an end, and I used the time I had to learn new things…
   First of all, I finished this C book and made some complicated program with it. And I`m really proud of what I got ^_^ . Then, I started reading Java. I ate the book in a week (miracles happen in summer), and made a tetris with the bare graphics basics the book teached me. Now, I readed half of an Action Script 3 book. The reason why I didn`t eat it like the java one is that it`s poorly written. But AS3 is almost the same as java, so I I`m learning more than the book teachs.

I`ve also gained 15 Kg of weight, wich I plan to lose in 2012. Be ready for some kind of gamification experiment.

And my second goal for 2012 is to make one cent with a flash game. For this, I`ll have to make some really good game so that some portal accepts it. I`m really whilling to see if I can get some money (no matter how much) from game making.

And about new games…
2011 has been my most productive year so far, with The Return to Cucken finished and some interesting game prototypes in my computer. If I make any GM game in 2012, I know it will have some quality, 1 or 2 may get finished before July, but I`ll try to focus more in flash and maybe make something interesting with java, so that I gain some experience, but overall I`ll focus on AS3.

PS: cutting-down and releasing The Theory of The Everything is another possibility.

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