It’s a prototype I made for fuck this jam. I made it in 4 days, wich means a total of around 20 hours of dedication put on it. Ihad the Idea for this game some years ago, and fuck this jam was a great way for pushing me to put this idea in a playable form.

You can play it at:

bmo.fuckthisjam.com(Outdated and buggy version, as I couldn’t fix bugs after the release.

Gamejolt(without that chnging FPS)

In the game, you have 60 seconds to do as much as you can/want until everything starts again. This led to some interesting mechanics, like having to convince people to give you a password for a door, remembering it and then using it the next time the game starts.

I started the jam wanting to make some kind of fast RPG, but the result was this thing, that is some kind of text-sandbox, in wich you experiment with the world around you to understand it better and discover the story it hides.

I am most likely iterating over this prototype to get an actual game out of this: I’ll smooth the experience asmuch as I can so that it’s pleasant and enjoyable.

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