Class to modify the speed of a sound: AS3

For the game I am making, I needed a class to change the duration and frequency of a sound, as there is the possibility to slow down time.

My first solution was to use this code: But it came out being extremely hard to read and modify. I expended all my day (I think almost 9 hours) trying to simply add the capability of playing not-looping sounds, wich this class didn’t include. That was because of how unclear the code was to me: it has almost no comments at all, and the loop inside the onSampleData event is just unreadable.

I must add that, althought the code was supposed to play sound effects in a game, it’s very poor in performance, so when you play more than one FrequencyChangeSound at the same time, your game could get some low FPSs.  I’ll program a sound player class to do one single onSampleData event (instead of one for each sound), and get better performance.


So here’s the code:

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