The Return to Cucken: Awakening

Play: Newgrounds

The Return to Cucken: AWAKENING is a retro platformer game where you have to help the main character go back to his homeland: Cucken. It has 18 carefully crafted levels, in wich you go throught a beach and inside a volcano that is about to explode.

In terms of gameplay, what differentiates The Return to Cucken from any other platformer is the way you obtain special powers: every killed enemy adds to the number of times you can use that ability.

The game is short because I prioritise quality over quantity of levels. The 18 levels the game has where modified lots of times, and the game, tested by more than 25 people. I wanted the player to learn the mechanics without realising.

It has a subtitle because the game is divided in chapters, and this is the first one. I have a general idea of how the whole, finished game will be, but, because of how long it took me to finish this first chapter, I’ll see what people thinks about the idea before starting to develop the next one.






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