Who is soyyo?

Soyyo is a guy from Buenos Aires that makes games. He loves game design and programming, and can do some pixel art. He sucks at music, so is always looking for musicians. He is 18. He lived in Brazil, so also speaks portuguese. Wether his english is good or not is up to you. You can call him José.

His games aren’t as fun as he’d like. Althought he began making games 2009, he’s learning as much as he can. He knows C and java; but only has significant experience in AS3 and Game Maker Language. He loves and hates Game Maker at the same time. It’s weird, don’t ask. Lets just say he’s now developing flash games.

You can contact me at soyyo5159 (at) hotmail.com

My facebook: http://www.facebook.com/soyyo5159

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